South Central Area Fair Presents:

Junk Car Jump ‘N Run


Side by Side Elimination Race on an obstacle course set up in the grandstand arena.

Accepting only 48 cars per night!

Pre-Registration ONLY

Registration form can be found on the Register page at or call 931-628-0948

$50 Registration Fee and $20 Per Passenger



Drivers can be 16 with a signed parental waiver and accompanying adult.



Cars and tires must be street legal, car has to be 2wd, cannot be 4wd, must have a helmet, seat belt and no additional power or extras that would beef up the car. You can bust out any windows, but it is not required. Factory Stock Cars, NO CAGES!



Thursday and Friday Nights: 1st $1250

2nd $750

3rd $500

SCAF Fairboard @ 931-306-8378

115 Smith Avenue,  Hohenwald TN

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