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South Central Area Fair Presents:

Junk Car Jump ‘N RUN

Wed Sept 11 & Fri Sept 13, 2024

Side by Side Elimination Race on an obstacle course set up in the fairgrounds grandstand arena.

Registration form can be found on the "REGISTER" page.

$100 Online, Pre-Registration Fee (includes driver plus one for both pits and gates)
$125 Registration Fee at the gate the day of race

 $20 Per Passenger to Ride the Race With You



Drivers can be 16 with a signed parental waiver and accompanying adult.



Cars and tires must be street legal and factory without ANY modifications, car must be 2wd, cannot be 4wd, must have a helmet, seat belt and no additional power or extras that would beef up the car. You can bust out any windows, but it is not required. Factory Stock Cars, HALO BAR can be welded/bolted to BODY of car only. All cars will be inspected for working seat belts and aftermarket modifications.

* ABSOLUTELY no hitting before 1st turn.

* Any contact to another car in front of the rear wheels with the front of your car is considered illegal contact.

* If contact from rule 2 is made while both vehicles are trying to maneuver a turn/obstacle, officials will make a call as they see fits the situation.

* Do Not do anything to someone else driving that you wouldn't want done to you.

* Do Not interfere with our track officials. This includes arguing, cussing, questioning calls.

* All calls made by track officials are FINAL

* No Aggressive Driving


PAYOUT - 2024

1st $2000

2nd $1000

3rd $500

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