Saturday Night

Saturday Night

DEMOlition derby

MUST Pre-enter on the website under registration tab. Your $100 entry fee includes competition registration, county fair entries for the driver and their plus one, and pit passes for the driver and their plus one.

Entries will be accepted until we fill the field. Rules and Specs are subject to minor modifications up until one week before the event. Check our facebook page regularly for updates!


1st Place $5000, 2nd $2500, 3rd $1200
Heat wins will be an additional $200


ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL Only 50% of your car can be painted black! NO ALL BLACK CARS!!!!


All Cars will be impounded between heats and feature so everyone has an equal chance to work on cars. 


Model specific RULES for Demolition Derby 2021

Metric Cars (see definition below) YOU ARE ALLOWED A 6” x 22”x 1/4” THICK ARCH PLATE. MUST BE CENTERED ON THE HUMP AND ON THE WHEEL SIDE OF THE HUMP. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CONTOURED TO FRAME CAN RUN STRAIGHT ACROSS. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO TILT YOUR CARS AT THE CRUSH BOX BY CUTTING THE FLAPs OR a V notch at the crossmember.  8” Tall by 3” square or round material MAX SPACER AT CORE SUPPORT. 03+ Fords must run either factory rack and pinion steering or hydraulic ram attached to factory aluminum cradle. 


Old Iron sedans

6” x 12” x ¼” arch plate must be centered on the hump, and on the wheel side of the frame, does NOT have to be contoured to the frame/ can be straight across.



1. ANY American made Passenger car or station wagon. (Metric cars are MOST 1977 & UP GM, 1979 & NEWER FORD, MERCURY, CHRYSLER AND 1980 AND NEWER LINCOLNS) IF YOU HAVE MODEL THAT IS IN QUESTION CALL, DO NOT ASSUME! No trucks, Imperials, jeeps, hearses, limousines.

2. Fresh Sedagons are NOT allowed.

3. All glass, side windows, rear windows, headlights and taillights, must be removed before reaching inspection. Rolling down windows is not permitted.

4. All interior seating, 

5. Cars must have a seatbelt and working brakes. MANDATORY

6. Battery must be securely fastened and covered in passenger compartment. TWO BATTERIES ARE ALLOWED.

7. Front Windshield Bar is MANDATORY and is limited to a 2” wide x ¼” thick strap, chain, 9 wire loop, 2x2 angle. This can be attached to roof to each side of your distributor cut out area.

8. Rear window bar cannot exceed past the speaker deck and not attached to trunk lid. 


Body Mounts 

1. 5/8” max diameter body bolts 

2. Body spacer is 1” thick by 3” diameter max 

3. Trunk/cargo area (center of rear axle to the bumper) may have up to 1” all-thread in 4 locations 

     3a. your trunk all thread may have 2 welded to the side of the frame and 2 through a factory location. 

     3b. only 4” of your all thread can be welded to the frame and must be a continuous bead down one side only. On your 2 added spots No bending it in a U-shape around the frame or through the side of the frame. 

4. core support may have up to 1” diameter all thread  Your locations in the trunk / core support / cargo area can extend through the trunk, roof, deck lid or hood. You may use up to 4” hold down plates. 

5. You get 3 (4” plates and 3 nuts to attach each piece of threaded rod) example when going through the trunk you may have a plate/nut on the bottom side of the frame, inside the trunk on top of the frame and a plate/nut on top side of the trunk. You may not have one on the bottom of the trunk to keep it from pushing down. Same with hood and roof areas. 

6. The remaining spots that you choose not to extend through the hood, deck lid, roof, trunk area are to use 5/8” diameter bolts, factory size washers, 1” thick spacer between body and frame.

7. NONE of your body mounts may attach to the cage or any part of the cage. 



1. Stock gas tank MUST be removed from original position. All tanks must have a secure cap. A marine tank or fuel cell is strongly recommended. All lines and fitting must be leak proof and meet approval of the track officials. Electric fuel pumps are allowed

2. All lines must be run inside car, not along the frame underneath.



1. Radiator must be in stock position

2. Any automotive or racing type radiator can be used.

3. No homemade radiators allowed

4. No reserve tanks and no added cooling capacity.

5. One electric fan, mounted to the radiator, may be used.


7. Factory condenser or 32” wide by 1/4" thick MESH radiator protector



1. No body seams may be welded. No metal may be added.

2. No doubling of body panels allowed, no added metal allowed.


4. Fenders may be bolted together. Max of 10- 3/8” BOLTS.

5. Doors may be chained, wired, or welded. on the car body. When welding doors 6 in on 6 in off all the way around

6. No creasing, welding, doubling of transmission tunnel… if you touch it you will cut it out

7. You may switch bodies with same manufacturer and model type of car, if you have questions please shoot me a message. 



1. Drivers Door can be welded SOLID and may have a door plate on outside. 



1. A-Arms are allowed to be welded down by using 2 pieces of 2”x 2” x 1/4” per arm (1 front & 1 Rear)

2. If you weld anywhere else on A-arm, or use bigger strap than allowed….you will cut it all off and run working suspension. 

3. Spring spacers are allowed but nothing allowed above top of spring

4. Tie rods must have factory appearing ends, No heims! You may brace the center tube with angle or pipe. Aftermarket is fine but must have a factory type end!

5. Factory spindle swaps are ok, ford to Chevy etc. GM factory lift spindles are ok  (No fabricated spindles or aftermarket hubs)

6. You may Replacement ball joints, screw in or aftermarket are ok

7. You may change A-arms from new style to old style A-arms. Must bolt in factory 

8. NO All-Thread Shocks in the front.

9. No welding on the wishbone mount of the a-arms.




1. Hoods must have two (2) holes, at least four (4) inches in diameter on each side of the carburetor. Not directly on top of the carburetor. If the hood is removed, either the fan or fan belt must be removed.

2. Hoods may be secured by 2 pieces of 1” all thread outboard the radiator. Cannot be sleeved. * Meaning spacer/square tube stops at bottom side of core support*

3. You are allowed 10 pieces of double stranded #9 wire across the front of car from bumper to hood/core support.

4. You may have up to 10 (3/8”) bolts to hold the inner and outer hood skins together. 

5. Hoods can be held shut with “one” of the following options,

     A (8) LOCATIONS 2” long pieces of 2” x 2” angle with a single 3/8” bolt thru them

     B (8) pieces of # 9 wire attaching hood to fender.

     C. (8) Locations 3/4" diameter max bolts going through hood into inner fender with 2”x2” max washer



1. You are allowed 10 pieces of double stranded #9 wire from bumper to bottom of trunk lip.

2. You can weld trunks 6 on 6 off like the doors with max 4” wide by ¼ thick

3. You may crease the trunk and quarter panels, and rear pillar.

4. You can have up to 4- 1” pieces of threaded rod through your trunk, but this counts towards your body mount rule. 

5. 2- 6” inspection holes in the trunk. You may use 4- 3/8” bolts to bolt the layers back together at the edges of the hole.



1. All cars must have a safety cage and roll over bar. (can be in the doors)

2. A 4-point cage is required

3. Cage can be made out of 4” pipe, 4” square tubing, or 6”x2” box tube MAX.

* Your cage must have a dash bar (4” off firewall minimum) and away from transmission or floor tunnel.

* Bar behind driver’s seat

* 2 side bars connecting your dash bar to your seat bar. (one per side) Cannot extend past wheel well tubs or firewall.

* These are the minimum requirements; your cage is for your safety… not to strengthen the car. NO part of your cage can be a kicker to the frame or any driveline component. 4” gap required. 

4. Roll over bar cannot be more than 6” behind driver’s seat. Roll over bar can NOT attach to frame. *Weld or Bolt it to sheet metal only. A 6” x 6” plate may be used in aiding it to be attached to floor sheet metal. Roll over bar can be bolted to roof

5. The cage can be welded to sheet metal only. You can have up to four (4) down posts, two (2) per side.

6. All down tubes must be at or behind the dash bar, straight up and down. Welded to sheet metal only.

7. Gas tank protector 24” WIDE MAX 

8. You may weld or bolt your roll over bar to the roof in 3 places.

9. Your cage can NOT extend through the floor pan in any way.



1. No welding, plating, or reinforcing of the frame.

2. All factory frame holes must be left open.

3. Any reinforcing of frame found will result in disqualification. NO Fixing Allowed…You Will Be LOADED ( fresh cars are allowed 2 4x4 1/4 square plates ).

4. Sub frame cars cannot be tied together. If you want to run a full frame car, buy a full frame car, don’t build one.


6. aftermarket steering columns are ok

7. Rear frame rails may not be shortened.

8. NO Frame shaping 



1. Any bumper allowed. Factory or homemade but no more point than a factory Chrysler pointy (12” point max) and base of point must be at least 32” wide. 

2. Bumpers may be hardnosed, you may use a piece of 2” square or round stock 6” long as a bumper shock or a factory piece of bumper bracket 6” long. (either way anything beyond the 6” mark gets cut off) * this must attach to the bumper and extend back a maximum of 6” 

3. You may do the following to aid in keeping your bumpers attached *Weld 2 straps per frame horn from the bumper to the frame of the car no further than 6” back on to the frame. (maximum strap size 6” long, 3” wide and ¼” thick.) Flat on the sides of the frame, this is to aid in keeping the bumpers on DO NOT ABUSE THIS. 

4. Bumpers can be no higher than 26” from the ground to the top of the bumper or lower than 14” from the ground to the bottom of the bumper.

5.All homemade bumpers require picture approval and a tape measure in the picture.



1. Any engine or transmission may be used in any car, but must be mounted within 6” of the original motor. Engine cannot protrude into the passenger compartment before the race.

2. FULL ENGINE CRADLE is allowed minus back of Distributor Protector. Halo or carb protector can NOT be further back than the top of distributor. Firewall must be cut out if using full halo.

3.Aftermarket Motor Mounts are legal, NO Horizontal Bar Mounts or welding cradle to frame directly

4.Transmission oil coolers and engine oil coolers are permitted.

5.Pulley protectors are allowed, but sway bar must be removed or not able to intentionally touch before or after race!! 2” gap before the event minimum.

6.Factory aluminum engine cradles in 2003 and newer cars may NOT be changed. You may run a steel adapter pedestal to mount your engine in the car. This may bolt to the 4 main cradle bolt locations and to the 2 aluminum stations on the factory cradle. It may run from passenger rail to driver rail with a max of 8” wide and ½” material thickness. 

8. HOMEMADE Gas Pedals and Shifters Are allowed, but may not reinforce the car in anyway.

9. OEM cross member or 2 x 2 square/ round tube. *1 single crossmember for all model cars, straight tubing, straight under transmission - 


10. May weld a piece of 3” x 3” x 6” angle to frame to aid in attaching cross member

11. Transmission modifications -Steel bells and steel tails are ok.


REAR END / Rear Suspension (leaf spring rules apply only to factory equipped cars / coil suspension rules apply to only those factory equipped)


1. Any automotive or aftermarket rear end

2. Slider drive shaft is permitted.

3. You may have five (5) spring clamps per spring. Maximum 1" wide 1/4 thick

4. ZTR style brackets are legal, nothing crazy on trailing arms. If bolted through package tray, sheet metal must be cut around washer. (so it isn’t adding a body mount)

5.You may chain or wire your axle to the frame hump. (2 CHAIN LINKS WELDED TO FRAME MAX) *NO OPENING CHAIN LINKS TO GAIN LENGTH*

6.Rear leaf springs must remain factory thickness and width per leaf * you may have up to 8 springs with 2” stagger, no doubling main leafs. * 5 clamps total per pack (can be homemade 1” wide ¼” strapping) * ½ diameter max u bolts, 4 total.

7.Coil springs maybe doubled or swap fronts to rear or vice versa.

8.ZTR top brackets max size 6”x12”. ZTR lowers no larger than 4” square tube x 6” long

9.You may utilize all thread rear shocks to adjust your ride height. They can only attach with a single bolt to the rear end like a factory shock and go through the package tray or package tray area with a single nut and store-bought washer on top. NO nut on bottom (must be able to move in the downward direction if enough force is applied/ limits height only)



1. Any Wheels and Tires black and round, except solid steel combos.


Pre-Ran Car additional rules.

1. Send pics in advance to save the headache. You can have 4 max fix-it plates on pre-ran cars 4”x 4”-1/4” but must have visible bend 


2.Any other repairs must be approved by the inspection tech group. 

If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t assume that you can. ASK first or don’t do it! Everybody needs to read and re-read these rules. If you are found to be over built for these rules, you will be given 2 options. A. CUT OR REMOVE ILLEGAL PARTS. B. LOAD ON TRAILER AND GO HOME. Either way you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND