main event


1. Inspector and all judges’ decisions are final 
2. Cars can only be %50 black
3. All cars get 2- 4x4x1/4” plates, pre ran cars get up to 2 more 4x4x1/4” plates on visible bends. Plates not to be used for driveline kicker.
4. Any American made passenger car or station wagon. No imperials, hearses, or trucks. 03 and up Fords are allowed with bolt in cradle
5. Any year model cars except, what’s not allowed in above rule allowed to run in teams. Doesn’t have to be limited to just one old model. 
6. All glass, interior seating, headlights, and tail lights must be removed.
7. Front windshield bar is recommended for safety. 2” wide x ¼” thick metal strap or chain. Connected to roof and to each side of distributor at firewall. Bar is to be no further than the rubber windshield seam. 
8. Battery must be relocated to passenger compartment of car.
9. Car must have working brakes and functional seatbelt.
10. One Rear window bar allowed. No bigger than 2x2 tubing or 3x3/8 flatstock. Can be attached to roof up to 5 inches, and can have only 2” max area welded to trunk lid. Ex. If your using 2x2 square tubing, 2” can be welded to trunk lid and 2” be welded to speaker deck. Back window bar can’t be attached to cage or frame.
11. Stock gas tanks must be removed from original location. An aftermarket fuel cell or boat tank is highly recommended. Electric fuel pumps are ok.
12. If frame has been painted, you will not be inspected, and car will be loaded.
13. No 2 way radio's allowed.
14. No drivers door hits! Everyone has to go back to work to support their family after the show. 

1. METRIC CARS are allowed 6”x22”x1/4” thick hump plate. Can be contoured or strait. Must be on wheel side of humps. Also, metric cars can be tilted by cutting flap at crush box or v notch at crossmember. 8”x3” tall max spacer at core support.
2. OLD IRON are allowed 6”x12”x1/4” thick hump plate. Can be contoured or strait. Must be on wheel side of hump.


1. No doubling of body panels or welding of body seams allowed.
2. No added metal. Rust repair on fresh cars must be pre-approved with pics.
3. Body creasing is allowed.
4. Fenders may be bolted with 5- 3/8” bolts per fender.
5. Doors may be chained, wired, or welded. 6” on 6” off when welded.
6. Drivers door may be welded solid and may have plate on outside for driver’s safety. The door plate can only go 3 inches past each door seam. This is encouraged.
7. No creasing, doubling or welding on transmission tunnel.


1. 5/8” max diameter body bolts. Washer and nuts on body bolts must be inside frame and not on bottom side of frame covering frame hole opening.
2. Factory body bushings OR 1” thick x 3” max spacers allowed.
3. No body mounts may be attached to any part of cage. This includes your extra body mounts.
4. Core support may have up to 1” diameter all thread.
5. Trunk area may have up to 1” all thread in 2 locations only. Must be straight up and down. 
6. You can add up to 4 body mounts, ½” diameter max. Added bolt can be welded to frame with 4” continuous weld only. These must be straight up and down, no changing direction or wrapping around the frame in any way.


1. Do not move core support. 3x3x1/4” Core support mount must stay in factory location.
2. Any automotive radiator may be used. No homemade radiators, or guards. 
3. Radiators must be in stock location.
4. Electric fans are ok.
5. Factory condenser or 32” wide expanded metal/mesh welded on radiator support only to protect radiator. Radiator guards are allowed as long as it doesn’t strengthen the car in any way.
6. No spray foam on frame rails!! Will fail inspection until its cleaned off.
7. A 6 inch strap from bumper to core support spacer is allowed


1. Tie rods must have factory appearing ends.
2. A-arms can be welded down using 2 pieces of 2”x3”x1/4” strapping per a-arm, 1 in front, and one in the rear, and they must be straight up and down. No other welding on a-arm.
3. No fabricated or aftermarket spindles.
4. Replacement or aftermarket ball joints are ok.
5. No all thread shocks in front.
6. For 03 and newer, you may have up to a 1 /2 inch bolt in cradle, DO NOT get excessive. No welding. 


1. Hoods must have hole cut over top of carb. May have up to 10- 3/8” bolts around hood cutout.
2. 6 attachment points max in hood. 2 in core support up to 1” diameter and 4 other spots are ½” max diameter.
3. All thread at core support can’t be sleeved, spacer must stop at bottom side of core support. Spacer can be welded to frame mount OR core support, not both.


1. 4-point safety cage is required.
2. Cage material can be up to 4” pipe or square tubing or up to 6”x2” tubing max.
3. Must have 4” gap from dash bar to firewall. Also, must have 4” gap minimum from dash bar to transmission tunnel. Abuse this rule and get loaded. 
4. Cage welded to sheet metal only, not frame.
5. Gas tank protector 24” wide max. Can touch package tray sheet metal but not to be attached. Gas tank protector can’t be connected to back window bar. 
6. Roll over bars are suggested. Roll over bar can’t be attached to frame and must be straight up and down.
7. Roll over bar can be attached to roof sheet metal in 3 places max. If using angle iron, no bigger than 2x3x1/4 per attachment. If bolting, no bigger than a 1/2 inch bolt. If using tubing to mount, no longer than 6 inches long.
8. Cage can have up to 4 down bars (2 per side) welded vertical to sheet metal only, at or behind dash bar. Don’t attempt to try and attach these to your extra body mounts. 


1. Trunks can be welded 6 on 6 off with 4” wide ¼” thick max strap. Must be a factory trunk lid.
2. Trunks can be pushed down, tucked or pre bent. No wedged trunks. 
3. For inspection purposes, trunk lid must have 2- 6” holes.
4. 4 bolts per hole to secure inner and outer trunk skin.
5. 2 pieces of up to 1” max all thread may extend through trunk lid.


1. Any reinforcing of frame will result in automatic disqualification. No welding, plating or reinforcing of any part of frame. 
2. All factory frame holes must be left open.
3. Factory Core support mounting tab can’t be moved from factory location.
4. Rear frame rails can’t be shortened.
5. No air hammering or frame shaping on any part of frame.


1. Bumpers may be hardnosed. You can use 6” long bumper shock OR a 6” long piece of bumper bracket, must attach to bumper. Nothing can extend or be welded further back than 6” from bumper.
2. Bumpers can be loaded. Homemade bumpers must have equal or less of a point than Chrysler Pointy. Any sharp corners Wil be removed to suit inspectors. 
3. Bumpers can be no higher than 26” from ground to top of bumper or lower than 14” from ground to bottom of bumper. 

1.Distributor guards are allowed..but must be at least 2 inches from window bar ,etc. Firewall can stay with dp. 
2. Full engine cradles up to 1 inch material allowed. No more welding than a 4x4 tubing or aftermarket mounts on K member. (Factory location). If welded above that area, only 6 inches of weld from cradle to frame. Only 2 choices. 
3. Any motor and trans brace of any kind has to be minimum 4 inch gap from cage. 
4. Aftermarket motor mounts are ok.
5. Transmission and oil coolers are ok.
6. Pulley protector allowed with sway bar, but can’t make contact at any time.
7. Oem or 2x2 max crossmember side. Single crossmember only. Crossmember may be contoured.
8. 3”x3” 1/4 inch angle iron 6” long may be used to mount crossmember. 2 pieces total, 1 per side.
9. Steel bell, steel tail, and transmission braces are ok. Transmission braces can only have 6” max exposure on crossmember. The brace is not to be attached in any way. 


1. Any automotive or aftermarket rear end allowed. Bracing cannot support car/frame upon inspection. And can’t be attached until feature if needed. 
2. Ztr style conversion brackets are ok. Normal size. Nothing over done here. 
3. Slider driveshafts are ok.
4. 5 spring clamps per side on leaf spring cars. 8 leaf max. 1-1/2 inch wide max on clamps. 
5. No converting coil spring cars to leaf spring.
6. May chain rear end. 2 links max welded to frame.
7. All thread shocks may be used to adjust rear ride height but must attach to rear end with single bolt. Single nut to attach to top of package tray only, no nut on bottom of package tray.
8. You may run any wheel and tire combination. 
9. You may reinforce factory trailing arms or use custom fab style. Again, nothing over done just normal. 

*If it’s not covered in these rules, that does not mean it’s legal. Save yourself time and call. On fresh or pre ran cars, any re-stubbing, sheet metal patching or ride height issues must be pre-approved. 

*2 trips through inspection will be free, 3rd trip through will cost extra $50, and the 4th trip is free…… a free trip to trailer.