Friday Night's

Simple Build

Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

A FULL NIGHT OF  Simple-Build Derby at the South Central Area Fairgrounds!

MUST  pre enter to be able to run. Can not show up the day of derby to run.

$3000  First Place

$1000 Second

Trophy Third

$100 to each heat winner


1. These cars are to remain 100% stock besides what the rules say you can do. If the rules do not say you can do it then the answer is NO!!!!!
2.No welding allowed other than bumpers, engine mounts, and angle iron for tranny crossmember an tilting

3.All factory frame holes must be left open no extra bolts(all unnecessary factory brackets must be removed)
4.Fords are allowed to cut flaps @ box pull down and re-weld with one pass no tilting any other way

5.Sub frame cars cannot be tied together
6.Any bumpers are fine loaded, homemade
7.No more point than a factory Mopar pointy bumper.
8.6 inches of no bigger than 3 by 3 by 1⁄4 inch angle iron may be used to relocate trans crossmember. Factory crossmember or 2by2 square tubing may be used. 9.Metric Gm cars are allowed 22 inch hump plates 1/4 thick contoured to the shape of a arch only rear frame rails may not be shortened
Bumper Brackets
10.All factory shocks and or brackets that came on the car you are running may be welded solid. Shocks may be collapsed. 11.Bumpers may be hard nosed but do not shorten front frame past core support mount!! 12.If you hard nose bumpers no brackets or shocks may be used!!!! Weld bumpers on good I donʼt want to pick them up off track.
13.The only welding on the body is the cage.
14.Only body creasing allowed is quarters pillars an beat trunk down
15.All body bolts must remain factory and untouched besides the all thread in the core support( core support and core support mounts must be in stock locations). All Thread may be no bigger than 1 inch and may run up through the hood. Washers for all thread may not be welded and plates are to be no bigger than 4 by 4. If you need to add a core support spacer you may only weld it in one spot(earthier frame or to core support)and no larger than 2 by2 tubing.
16.Doors must be chained (3/8max) or 9 wired shut allowed 10 spots per door

must be sheet metal to sheet metal (no wrapping around Cage or frame.) 17.You may weld drivers door solid with door strapping (1/4" thick)
Duct tape may be used also.

18.6 spots of chain or wire may be used to hold trunk or tailgate. No welding at all!!!!
19.Trunks must remain on hinges in factory location. Trunks may be tucked with a single 90 degree bend.


20.Your hood may be secured in 6 spots total. 2 will be your threaded rod in core support and the other 4 will be chain or wire sheet metal to sheet metal.
21.You must have at least 2 spots of chain or wire in the windshield opening for safety.


22.You must have a 4 point cage with a roll over bar. All cage material is to be no bigger than 6 inch material. No part of the cage may be in doors. No down tubes allowed. Your cage may be welded to inner sheet metal. Roll over bar may be bolted to roof in 2 spots. Gas tank protectors are allowed and must stay at least 5 inches from all sheet metal and frame.


23.Any steering column may be used. Homemade columns may be used. Steering column may be welded to cage. suspension can be welded down with a 2x2 piece of strapping 1/4 thickness. You may add twist in spring raisers to gain heighth. Tie rods and balljoints must remain factory.


24.Any motor or trans in any car.
25.Lower cradles anD pulley protecters only
Steel bells are okay
28.Aftermarket gas pedals, shifters, and brake pedals may be used. Trans coolers may be used.
29.Slip drive shafts will be allowed.
Pinion brakes are fine.
30.Any rear end will be allowed. 8 lug floaters are fine. Aftermarket rear ends are fine. Rear End braces are fine. No part of the rear end brace may strengthen the car. You may not strengthen rear control arms. U may double or change coil springs. You may chain your rear humps to rear end(straight above axles tubes only ) 2 chains total 1 per side 3/8ths chain max.
31.NO WATTS CONVERSIONS. IF you want to run a watts ford you must make your rear end adapt to factory brackets!!!


32.Engine cradles will be allowed but cradle style only. No front plate or mid plate style. If you choose to use a cradle you must use factory/OEM rubber lower mounts.
If you choose to use factory engine mounts and no cradle you may use aftermarket/solid lower mounts.

If you know how to wheel a car use OEM top and bottom mounts and drive it to the pay window!
33.16 inch or smaller wheels and tires only.

Bead locks, doubled tires, or foam filled tires are fine we donʼt want any flats. Wheel centers are fine.
34.Four Patch plates will be allowed on fresh and pre ran cars. 4x4 x1/4 (square plates only)