For the purpose of these rues, stock is defined as:


It came from the factory with the following exceptions:

1 - Must be front wheel drive only. No rear wheel or all wheel drive cars. 4 or 6 cylinder only. No v8’s.


2- Must remove all windows, lights and all excess glass must be vacuumed out.


3- May relocate battery to inside of car. It MUST be secured and covered.


4- May have a 4 pt. Cage, but no kickers at all to frame. Should have some form of driver door protection (grader, blade, angle, iron, etc.)


5- Gas tank if in front of rear axle should remain in stock location. If tank is behind rear axle, it must be relocated inside car. Car must be secured in back seat area in such a way as to not move in any direction at all.


6- Bumper must be stock bumper. In the case where the bumper is plastic, it can be replaced with a metal bumper of similar size from another compact car. No full size car bumpers cut down to fit. No home-made or after-market bumpers.


7- Frame: No welding on the frame except for front bumper swap.


8-Doors, Hood, Trunk- Doors must be secured by welding, wired or chained welding 6 on 6 off on vertical seams only. Wire cannot go around frame. Chain in two spots only. Hood must be secured in 4 spots by wire chain or bolts. Sheet to sheet metal only, cannot go around frame in any way.


9- Tires - Black and round, may use tubes.


10 - Rear frame may be notched, no pre-bending, no body creasing.


No gray areas to these rules. If it did not come from the factory that way or does not say you can do it, then it isn’t allowed.

This is a stock class. All cars Must be available for inspection from tech man and fellow competitors. This is a stock easy build.


For any tech questions about the rules, contact

Demo Dave @ 407-729-0874